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Rebate Options

2016 Rebates for Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps.

1. Mass Save Rebates.  Most of the Fujitsu models we use will qualify for a 500.00 rebate, per outdoor condenser.

2.  Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC).  In addition to the above rebate, Most single zone Fujitsu units will qualify for a minimum of 625.00 per outdoor unit through Mass CEC.

The larger multi-zone outdoor units can qualify for up to 2,500.00 per household.    Mass CEC also has special rebates for lower income owners

who are replacing electric baseboard heat with Heat Pumps units.  The rebates for those qualifying people can be as much as $ 6,000.00.

2016 Rebates for Furnaces and Boilers.

Early Boiler Replacement, or Early Furnace Replacement.  If your heating boiler or furnace is over 30 years old

and still in working condition, Mass Save will give you 1,000.00 towards the replacement of your warm air furnace,  or

3,000.00 towards a new hot water boiler if you decide to replace it with a more efficient model.  And of course, there are rebates of up to 1,500.00 for installing high efficiency gas boilers, whether or not your existing system is 30 years old.

With all rebates, please call and ask us what you qualify for.  There are many programs in place, we know

them all, and we’ll put you in the correct program for your needs.

Note* Rebate programs are designed to last until the end of the calendar year, however Stefani Plumbing cannot guarantee that

the utility or the State won’t make changes to their programs during a calendar year.

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